Our strengths include experience, size, and flexibility. We offer a full service and all the convenience and peace of mind that come with it. Everything is done as it should. We ensure the best quality, through specialised top of the field branches in Estonia.

General building contracting

When it comes to general building contracting, we perform the entire process of building contracting. When ordering design and build contracting, we are responsible for both the design and construction.

That means we offer a comprehensive solution where we take care of everything, managing a project from start to finish, that is from preliminary designs to the delivery of the project. In case of professional management contracting, we manage all the contracts and consult, coordinate, manage and accept all work.
In addition to the above, we also restore, reconstruct, and repair architectural monuments and buildings which have value in terms of heritage protection.

Ports and hydraulic engineering

We construct and reconstruct port facilities. We construct and reconstruct floating quays. We perform dredging in port areas.

The most notable of the work performed is the reconstruction of quays 1-4 at Heltermaa Harbour and quay 3 at Kuivastu Harbour. Also, the reconstruction of the seawalls at Rohuküla North Harbour and the completion of the second stage of the reconstruction of the quays at Seaplane Harbour.

Technical networks and building automation

This area is led by AS RTE Torutööd, a company with a very long experience in sanitary work and the construction of indoor heating systems, and water, sewage and ventilation systems.

We have constructed heating, water supply and sewer systems in new and renovated apartment buildings, manufacture, business and office buildings, education and research buildings, private houses, shopping centres, and sports facilities. All this since 1995.
We are also a certified KNX building automation partner, and we perform all kinds of electrical work.

Environmental engineering

We perform the closure of industrial waste landfills and the elimination of residual soil pollution.

We construct sewage plants treating waste waters, environmental facilities, water treatment plants, and barrier walls. Our biggest completed projects include the closure of the Ahtme shale ash storage site and of the Kohtla-Järve semi-coke landfill.

Concrete structures

We offer comprehensive solutions which include floor constructions from design to covering, on-site pouring of various structures, and the assembly of concrete elements.

The main company carrying out this work is our Estonian subsidiary OÜ Savekate – one of the biggest companies in the field today.
The manufacture of concrete panels is carried out by AS Muuga Betoonelement, which is part-owned by the Rand & Tuulberg Grupp and uses some of the most modern manufacturing equipment in Northern Europe.
Notable projects completed include Ülemiste traffic junction, which won the award for the Concrete Construction of the Year 2013. Other projects worth mentioning include Tehvandi skiing stadium, Raadiku residential area with 1200 apartments and Kosemetsa apartment blocks in Pirita.


The company responsible for this segment is AS RTG Projektbüroo, whose areas of activity include general design contracting, architectural and building design, construction budgeting, and client supervision.

Our experienced technical/engineering personnel and modern technology ensure the successful execution of projects at any level of difficulty.

Property development

A company with 20 years of experience, AS Vallikraavi Kinnisvara, is equipped to consult clients on all the nuances of property transactions, starting from the purchases and sales and finishing with the development.

Much has been done. Our portfolio includes the apartment building at Fortuuna 1, Turu Business Complex and Hipodroomi residential district in Tartu; Ülemiste Business Centre, the apartment building at Ümera 28, an apartment block in Kosemetsa, and Raadiku residential district in Tallinn.
In addition, we have been actively engaged in the development of public-private-partnership projects.

Construction of infrastructure

Our project managing and general contracting in road construction and environmental engineering is coordinated by RTS Infraehitus OÜ.

We construct roads and traffic junctions. We also construct streets and town squares and the engineering networks associated with them.