Management Handbook

The Guiding Principles of AS EF Rand & Tuulberg are presented below:

The goal of AS Ehitusfirma Rand & Tuulberg is to achieve continued customer
satisfaction in the management of construction projects. In order to perform construction
works in accordance with the needs of clients, environmental protection and occupational
health and safety requirements, we have created a management system that is
characterised by the following keywords:

· future-oriented development that is in line with strategic planning;
· working together with the client as a team;
· effective cooperation with the Group’s other companies, key suppliers and financial
· results-oriented approach;
· continuous development and learning on the part of employees;
· clear and simple rules;
· safe and healthy working environment;
· supporting the local community;
· commitment to involve employees.

We undertake to comply with all applicable environmental, occupational health and
safety requirements and administrative acts, and the requirements set forth in standards
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.

Continuous improvement of the management system is ensured through the achieving of
set goals and tasks, and by continuously improving the functioning of the management

When selecting technologies and solutions ‘Green’ thinking is ensured by the prevention
of pollution and the provision of a viable living environment for future generations.
Continuous monitoring and preventive work in the field of occupational health and safety
ensures a safe and effective working environment for our employees and contract

CEO of AS EF Rand & Tuulberg