We know that behind our good results and unwavering quality are excellent people. People who are excited about what they do, thus inspiring others. We are pleased to admit that it is unlikely there exists another construction company with a team as positively disposed as ours. The length of service of our employees is a solid proof of that.


Raivo Rand

  • Member of the council

    Aivar Tuulberg

    • Chairman of the council

      Board of directors

      Taivo Täht

      Team member since 1993

      • Chairman of the board
      • taivo.taht@rt.ee

        Priit Vakmann

        Team member since  1993

        • Construction manager / Board member
        • priit.vakmann@rt.ee

          Maiken Tops

          Team member since 1996

          • CFO / Board member
          • maiken.tops@rt.ee

            Janno Meriloo

            Team member since  2006

            • Development director / Board member
            • janno.meriloo@rt.ee

              Lauri Matteus

              Team member since 2003

              • Construction manager
              • lauri.matteus@rt.ee